Waimea Bay

Waimea Bay, arguably the best on Oahu

Doing Waimea Bay justice with one dinky webpage just doesn’t cut it. YOU HAVE TO GO. It’s huge, it’s picturesque, it’s clean, and more than anything, its fun.

The Rock

Perhaps the thing that makes Waimea Bay Beach Park stand out more than any other feature is the giant black rock structure on the west side of the beach. Its easy to climb up, and offers a number of different heights to cliff jump off of into the warm green water below. The bottom is sandy, so you don’t have to worry much about hitting anything. At its tallest point the cliff jumping is about 30 feet, with its lowest platform for diving being about 5 feet.

waimea bay cliff jump

waimea bay cliff jumping in the summer

We don’t recommend it to anyone who isn’t a really strong swimmer, but there is a large cave-like tunnel that goes through the middle of the rock, just below the surface. Swimmers can make their way from one side to the other with about a 20 second breath hold (sounds much easier than it is).

the jump

For some fun clips of people jumping off of the rock at Waimea, check out one of our old youtube videos. Even if you’ve already been, it’ll make you want to go to Waimea pretty badly.

the sand

Waimea Bay has just about as much of it as any beach on the island. Its pretty impressive from some angles. The reason this is so nice, is that even on the most crowded day, there’s plenty of waterline to go around. No need to sift your way through the crowd like you’ll have to do at Waikiki. At Waimea you can hop right in the water and cool off 10 steps from your beach chair rental.

the parking

Big Beach. Little Parking. Waimea has a very small parking lot directly attached to it, and its always extremely difficult to get a spot in it unless its really early in the morning. So we recommend parking in the Waimea Valley, for a small charge, or up the street at the church, again for a small charge. While both options do include a little bit of a walk, at least you’ll get a spot.

the amenities (whats close)

We like the elephant thai truck down the road near pipeline A LOT, if you’re hungry.

There is also a foodland grocery store and a starbucks just down the road near sharks cove.


Many of our customers spend the entire day at Waimea Bay, it’s just that kind of beach. But if you’re not looking to get completely sunbaked, its a good place to stop on your way to the PCC or Kualoa Ranch.

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