Waikiki Snorkel Rentals

Waikiki Snorkel Rentals delivered right to you

So you’re coming to Hawaii(or you’re already here! Lucky you!) and you want to see what life is like under da sea. We’ve got what you need. We deliver waikiki snorkel rentals, as well as folding chairs, coolers, umbrellas, boogie boards, and much more right to your hotel lobby. Oahu has a bunch of snorkeling spots, and most of them don’t have snorkel rental stands near by, so why not have a high quality snorkel set delivered right to your hotel lobby?

waikiki snorkel rentals

snorkel rentals delivered right to your Waikiki hotel lobby

Waikiki Snorkeling

the inside scoop

Most of the reef right on waikiki beach is dead, which means that the snorkeling isn’t all that amazing in comparison to other spots on the island. Most of our Waikiki snorkel rentals aren’t actually used at Waikiki Beach. But please understand, we live here and seeing a few fish isn’t as cool as it used to be. If you aren’t from here, or haven’t spent much time in the ocean, seeing some small fish, reef, or just swimming around in the clear green water of Waikiki Beach can be down right amazing. So don’t let us ruin your good time if you just want to get in the water. If you’re looking for some serious ocean life, we have 2 recommendations, Sharks Cove (in the summer) and Hanauma Bay (year round).

Hanauma Bay Snorkeling

This by far Hawaii’s most popular snorkeling location. Its protected from fishing and the fish are so used to people that you can usually get far closer to them here than anywhere else. The beach is beautiful. And the water is usually very clear and green. Some of the biggest and coolest fish we’ve ever seen snorkeling have happened upon us at Hanauma Bay.

There are some downsides

Hanauma Bay is a state park, which means you have to pay a $7.50 entrance fee, and then you have to watch a 10-minute video about how to treat the creatures that make snorkeling there so cool. Parking is also a bit of a nightmare depending on the day (we recommend weekdays if you can). There can be some crowds if you go at the wrong time, so be weary. And lastly, there is a bit of a hill you have to walk up and down to get to the beach from the entrance, or you can ride the trolley for $1.00.

In order to snorkel at Hanauma bay, you’ll need one thing, a snorkel set. Many of our customers that plan on visiting Hanauma Bay are staying at a hotel in Waikiki, and we deliver the snorkel sets they need to them at their Waikiki hotel lobby before they go. Surprisingly, Waikiki snorkel rentals can be hard to come by, being that shop rental spaces are extremely expensive. Most people have to travel well outside of the main tourism district to find anything worth while. Thats where we come in. Before you head out to snorkel Hanauma Bay, or anywhere else, have the snorkel rental sets you need delivered right to you, and picked up when you’re done.

Sharks Cove Snorkeling

THIS IS OUR FAVORITE! but sadly it is only calm enough to do some serious snorkeling in the summer. During the winter months you can still swim and snorkel in the tide pools connected to the cove, and its still a pretty great time and you can see some amazing schools of small tropical fish, just not as likely to see things like turtles etc. During the summer months, the snorkeling at sharks cove is the best on the island. No crowds or lines, no entrance fees, and amazing marine life. And don’t let the name scare you, we’ve never seen or heard of a shark sighting there.

If you’re looking to snorkel at sharks cove, you’re likely also going to want to check out other north shore beaches, such as pipeline and sunset to name a few. But in the summer, sharks cove snorkeling is definetly the highlight. We can deliver your snorkel sets, beach chairs, coolers, umbrellas, and more right to your hotel lobby before you go, or directly to you at the beach at sharks cove.

We will deliver your Waikiki snorkel rentals the evening before you go, and pick them up the next evening when you are done

You may want to get an early start(especially if your body is still on mainland time) and we want to help. We can deliver snorkel rentals to your Waikiki hotel the evening before, (7pm is our last drop off time) and pick them up the next evening and you will be charged for one day (24hrs) or you can keep them for the week for just a little more if you want to see some other snorkeling spots. Many visitors to Hawaii buy extremely low quality snorkel sets at a local convenience store, and end up wishing they hadn’t. Most of the time the sets being sold at Waikiki stores are made with cheap rubber and glass, which means the fog up easily, they break in no time, they’re extremely uncomfortable, and they often don’t fit right. Waikiki snorkel rentals are the way to go. We use only high grade all silicone fitted masks, solid rubber fins, and sanitized snorkels. You can’t get a better snorkel set anywhere. To buy a whole set like one in our Waikiki Snorkel rentals fleet you would need to spend over $100. Trust us, its worth it.

Waikiki Snorkel Rentals – How sizing works

We have Waikiki snorkel rentals that fit everyone from small children to the hulk himself. Your delivery driver’s truck is fully equipped with all fin and mask sizes so that you can make sure your gear fits right there on the spot. We will usually get your shoe size from you when you call your order in so that we have a rough idea of what to have you try first. When you’ve got what you need we’ll throw it in one of our gear bags for you and you’re on your way. For more info on our general delivery and payment process, check out our HOW IT WORKS page.

To make a reservation or get more details on our Waikiki snorkel rentals, contact our reservation line at 808-585-1474.

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