North Shore Oahu Kayaking and Kayak Rentals


Oahu’s North Shore is world famous for its perfect surf breaks and unbelievable beaches. But thats not all it has to offer. North Shore Oahu kayaking and stand up paddle boarding is some of the best in the world as well. Below you’ll find brief summaries on some of our favorite spots, but don’t feel limited to just these. We deliver kayak rentals anywhere on the north shore.

Haleiwa Kayaking

Few places on earth have as many sea turtles as readily visible as the Anahulu river that flows right out into Haleiwa Beach Park. North Shore Oahu Kayaking doesn’t get much better that the 1 mile paddle up the slow moving river, where pods of sea turtles or “Honu” venture upstream to eat the grass that grows in the river bottom. After reaching the end of the river, paddlers usually make their way back down the river to explore the bay in front of Haleiwa Beach Park. We send most of our Haleiwa kayak rental customers out of a booth in the Haleiwa Boat Harbor. For details on an Anahulu river kayaking adventure, contact our reservation line at 808-585-1474.

North Shore Oahu Kayaking

Searching for sea turtles on the Anahulu River

Waimea Kayaking

During the summer, kayaking in Waimea bay is one of our absolute favorite things to do. It’s nothing strenuous, just so breathtaking that getting out and paddling around the bay is amazing. We love stand up paddle boarding Waimea Bay too. Either way its so picturesque that you’ve gotta try it at least once. North Shore Oahu kayaking is somewhat limited during the winter months, especially at Waimea, where the waves can reach up to 50ft.(hawaiian style measurement). When its winter time, the only place you can really get away with kayaking safely is the Anahulu river in Haleiwa.

Waimea bay kayak rentals are exclusively offered by Hawaii Beach Time, being that we are a delivery company. Everyone else on the island will make you strap it to your car. Not us. Not only will we bring your kayak rentals to Waimea, but we’ll bring stand up paddle boards, chairs, umbrellas, coolers, boogie boards, snorkel sets and more. Basically anything you could possibly need to enjoy Waimea to the fullest.


North Shore Kayaking at Waimea Bay

North Shore Oahu Kayak rental | Waimea Bay kayaking

The Rock

When their aren’t any waves in the summertime, jumping off of the rock at Waimea Bay is one of the favorite past times of locals, and tourist alike. The sandy bottom makes for a fairly safe jump. There are also various heights, enabling you to work your way up to the tallest point of about 30ft.

Sunset Kayaking

Just like Waimea, kayaking at Sunset Beach is better left to the spring and summer months when the ocean is much more placid. And just like Waimea, Hawaii Beach Time is the only company that will deliver rental kayaks, SUP’s, chairs, umbrellas and more, right to you at Sunset Beach. Many of our North Shore Oahu Kayaking customers like to start at Sunset Beach, and paddle down with the current to Sharks Cove to snorkel, Three Tables, Waimea Bay, or even all the way to Haleiwa Beach Park. Once there they just shoot their delivery driver a phone call and he picks them up wherever they may have landed. Pretty slick, and its beautiful.

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