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Oahu’s windward side world famous for Lanikai Beach, and the Mokulua Islands. But thats NOT all it has to offer. Windward side Oahu kayaking and stand up paddle boarding is home to a number of amazing spots that are sure to knock your sock off. Below you’ll find brief summaries on some of our favorite spots, but don’t feel limited to just these. We deliver kayak rentals anywhere on the Oahu.

Chinamens Hat Kayaking

the paddle

Chinamens hat kayaking is not the tricky part. Getting there is suprisingly easy, and one of the safer kayaking adventures you can go on in Hawaii. Why? Because it is the only kayaking spot on the island that has a lifeguard tower watching the water between the beach and the island. Not to mention that its only about 5-6 feet deep almost all the way across the channel. Many people actually swim to the island(we’ve done it, we’d rather kayak there any day). Once you get to the island, there is a little spot to pull your kayak up so it doesn’t drift away on you during your hike.

the hike

BRING YOUR SHOES, SANDALS, ANYTHING! So many of our friends have tried to make the short climb barefoot, and while it can be done, we don’t recommend it. Think about it, the island is made of rock, not sand.

It’s about 15 minutes of hiking/climbing to get to the top, and when you do, its ever so worth it. The view looking out at the pacific on one side, and the Kualoa mountain range on the other, is truly breathtaking(we hate that phrase, so overused, but it works really well to describe the view). Make sure to order a dry bag with your kayak rental to bring your camera and get the photos of a lifetime. Many of our customers do the entire chinamens hat kayaking adventure in about 2 hours, so its something you can easily squeeze in before or after your visit to the PCC or Kualoa Ranch.

For more details or to make a reservation for a chinamens hat kayaking rental, contact our reservation line at 808-585-1474.

chinamens hat kayaking

Kayaking to Chinamens Hat

Kaneohe Bay Kayaking

Kaneohe Bay is home to one of Oahu’s most unique kayaking/boating experiences. Sunken island, AKA the Kaneohe Sand Bar is a stretch of white sand barely submersed beneath the water within Kaneohe Bay. At low tide there are even spots where the sand becomes exposed. Boaters and kayakers alike venture out to the sand bar regularly and trust us its worth it. Unlike kayaking to chinamens hat, the paddle to the sand bar is pretty far. Its about 45 minutes of paddling time. We love it out there though, and you will too.

The closest point to drop in for your paddle is at the Heeia Boat Harbor. Sadly, we are not allowed to deliver to the boat harbor directly, so we have a couple of options for you: we can deliver your kayaks and a kayak cart just down the street and you can walk them there yourself; or we can strap them to the top of your rental car and you can drive them there yourself.

kayaking to the kaneohe sand bar

kayaking to the Kaneohe Sand Bar

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