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Aside from the glowing white sand, and the bright green water, the thing that makes Lanikai kayaking so amazing are the Mokulua Islands situated just off shore. It takes about 30-40 minutes to paddle out, and about 20-30 minutes to paddle back with the help of the wind. Once you’re out there, the left island (the only one that it is legal to visit) is home to a beautiful sandy beach that visitors like to hang out on and enjoy the view looking back at Oahu. Lanikai kayaking is arguably the best on Oahu, and in Hawaii for that matter.


An outer reef protects the waters between the beach and the islands from receiving too much swell, although you may encounter some small waves caused by wind. Waves wrap around the left island from both sides, often meeting right in the middle of the beach where you paddle in. Its important to come into the beach from straight on, and keep paddling until you reach the sand. If you come in from one of the sides, or you quit paddling too early, one of the waves may cause you to tip over.

If you’re looking for Lanikai kayak rentals Hawaii Beach Time is one of the few business’ that can help you get there. If you just want to lounge around and take in the scenery, we have the rental gear you need for that too.

Stand up paddle boarding is also a popular activity at Lanikai beach. The paddle to the Mokulua islands on a paddle board is a pretty difficult journey and should only be done if you are an experienced paddle boarder. That doesn’t mean that paddling along the actual beach itself isn’t breathtaking. The sand is the whitest on the island and the water is arguably the greenest, so paddle boarding is first rate. Wind is always a factor to be considered with SUP’s, and Lanikai can have its fair share, so be sure to ask someone at our reservation line how conditions are for the particular day you’re looking to go.

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While Lanikai is renowned as the best kayaking location on the island of Oahu, it is also situated right inside of a small neighborhood in the town of Kailua. Tourists and locals have to share a very small space. This makes lanikai kayaking a bit of a sore spot when it comes to commercial business’ venturing inside the neighborhood and using the beach access points. Especially in the summer months, crowds and parking can quickly become overwhelming. We at Hawaii Beach Time want anyone who wants to experience Lanikai kayaking and the the Mokulua Islands to be able to do so, and we will do everything we can to get you there, but we have certain laws and rules that we have to work within.

All of that being said, we cannot deliver your kayaks, sups, chairs, and other gear directly to the beach. We can however get you pretty close, but you’ll have to take over for the final stretch and get it onto the sand yourself. Lanikai kayaking is some of the best in Hawaii, but also some of the most complicated in terms of red tape. It may not be as easy as showing up to a dock with the kayak already sitting in the water waiting for you, but its absolutely worth the effort. Make sure you stop by Lanikai Juice for an Acai Bowl when you’re done!

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We always recommend that our customers check the Hawaiian Lifegaurd association webpage for conditions and warnings before heading out. We always stay very up to date on ocean conditions at Lanikai, but we want you to be informed as well, given that we don’t know your particular ocean experience level.