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snorkel set rentals on lanikai, waikiki, and north shore

Oahu Snorkel Rentals

Oahu snorkel rentals are the way to go. We offer the least expensive snorkel rentals on the island, and we deliver it right to you. Oahu snorkeling is one of the absolute best things to do while you’re visiting the island. There are so many great places to see ocean life. For ideas on some of our favorites, click on any of the links at the bottom of the page.

If you’re staying at a hotel in waikiki, have your snorkel sets delivered right to your hotel lobby. For more information on Waikiki Snorkel Rentals click here.

All of our Oahu snorkel rentals include a high quality silicone mask, snorkel, fins, and a gear bag

We want to make sure you’re gear fits just right. We have fins and masks for all sizes ranging from little kids to the hulk.

The shallow reef that surrounds Oahu is caulk full of life. Our customers often see Honu, Hawaiian for sea turtles, many small endemic fish, eels, crabs, and much more. Oahu snorkel rentals are one of our specialties and our goal is to help you see everything you want to see. Many factors play into what you will see when snorkeling around Oahu, and our staff can tell you anything you need to know to maximize your adventure. Always feel free to ask us for advice if you aren’t sure about something.

Try the pea trick
Take a bag of frozen peas out with you. Tear a small hole in bag and slowly release the peas. Small fish will often surround you as they snarf down the treat you just brought them.

If you want the freedom to hop in the water anytime you’d like, consider a weekly rental. The ability to explore the different spots on the island will help ensure you see something unforgettable.

Our weekly snorkel set rentals are priced the same as 3 days – that means you get 4 days for free

Our favorite locations on Oahu for snorkeling:

Sharks Cove
Laniakea (Turtle Beach)
Hanauma Bay (if you’re ok with crowds)

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